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Mushrooms Right from Your Farm

Needed Mushroom Specimens

We are in search of donations of mature mushroom specimens for a variety of mushroom types. Mushrooms will be used for research into cultivation methods for the specific type, and submitters are required to release all rights pertaining to the submitted specimens.

We cannot afford to pay for specimens, but we are happy to swap any single type of dried mushroom spawn which we have in stock, for any edible (or in some cases, medicinal) mushroom which we do not already have. We will also let the submitter name the mushroom strain.

All specimens must be fresh, in good condition. They may not be frozen or dried. They must be positively identified as the variety needed, OR in good enough condition for us to identify. SPORE PRINTS are also helpful and wanted, as long as they are substantial prints that are highly visible and microscopically identifiable as the mushroom in question.

We are ONLY interested in EDIBLE GOURMET mushrooms. We are NOT interested in regulated or recreational mushrooms. We ARE interested in "suspect" mushrooms - those that have historically been considered edible but have some reports of illness associated.

Where possible, we need 3-5 clean specimens of each variety, but MORE IS BETTER.They should be mature (caps open), with developed spores, OR, a variety of cap maturities which include at least one open cap. A single specimen is acceptable when no others can be found, provided it is a mature specimen in good condition.

The donator is responsible for packaging and shipping the mushrooms to us (you must contact us first). We do not reimburse shipping unless the mushroom is one we need badly. Most mushrooms may be packaged and shipped Priority Mail, but some will require overnight shipping.

WE DO NOT WANT ANY VARIETIES of Coprinus, Coprinellus, or Coprinopsis, or any other mushroom that will go inky. They won't hold up to shipping.

Submitters are requested to fill out a questionnaire regarding the habitat in which the mushroom was found, season, weather, etc. More information helps us.

We are in search of many varieties, some of which are listed below. This is by NO MEANS a comprehensive list. If we do not have the mushroom listed in our inventory on our website, and it is edible, chances are we need it!

Varieties will be removed from the list as they are acquired.

  • Bicolor Bolete
  • Bay Bolete
  • Larch Bolete
  • Other edible Bolete type mushrooms, including Leccinum species
  • Varieties of large Chanterelles
  • Blue Chanterelle
  • Rufo Morels
  • Laetiporus Cincinnatus - The lighter variety of Chicken of the Woods
  • Laetiporous Gilbertsonii - Pacific Northwest variety that grows on hardwood
  • Cortinarius (Rosites) Caperata (Gypsy Mushroom)
  • Parasol Mushroom
  • Shaggy Parasol Varieties (including Molybdites Chlorophyllum - yeah, we know that is the poisonous one!!)
  • Edible Marasmius Varieties (not including M. Oreades)
  • Grey Knight
  • Agaricus Blazei, Subrufescens
  • Calocybe Gambosa (St. George's Mushroom)
  • Calocybe Indica (Milky Mushroom)
  • Train Wrecker (Neolentinus lepideus)
  • Oyster mushrooms OTHER than Pleurotus Pulmonarius, Eringii, Populinus, Ostreatus, Columbinus (we are interested primarily in wild grown strains)
  • Panellus seritonus and Edible Oyster mushrooms that are in any genus other than Pleurotus.
  • True Elm Oyster (with the stem)
  • Paddy Straw, and other edible Volvariella species.
  • Edible Tricholomas (in addition to Grey Knight and Matsutake, INCLUDING Man on Horseback)
  • Chuling (Zhuling)
  • Chaga
  • Beefsteak Polypore
  • Yellow Pluteus
  • Leucopaxillus giganteus
  • Birch Bracket
  • Platterful Mushroom
  • Winecap Mushrooms
  • Psathyrella rugocephala
  • Psathyrella delineata
  • Any Edible Truffle varieties other than Oregon White or Oregon Black.
  • Hericium Species (Lion's Mane, Bear's Head tooth, Coral tooth, etc)
  • Forest Lamb Mushroom (Albatrellus ovinus, confluens or other edible Albatrellus)
  • Hexagonal-pored Polypore (Polyporus Alveolaris)
  • Berkley's Polypore
  • Black Staining Polypore
  • Reishi (any type)
  • Calvatia cyathiformis, Calvatia craniformis, and other edible puffball varieties

Other edible mushrooms which are identifiable macroscopically, and which we do not already have listed as available on our website.


Consulting for Mushroom Cultivation is now available.

Firelight Heritage Farm is happy to provide consulting services for the following areas of concern:

  • Mushroom Types for Your Yard or Farm - You tell us about your yard and farm conditions, and we'll recommend mushrooms to grow there. Available for small yards, small farms, woodlots, or large forests. Includes compost, log, and mycorrhizal mushrooms.
  • How to Sow Mushrooms - How to successfully naturalize mushrooms in your specific conditions. Includes Mycorrhizals.
  • Sourcing Mushroom Spawn - We can often get mushrooms that we do not carry as spawn, or find a source for you to get them. These difficult to find mushrooms are generally fairly expensive. No charge if we cannot help you locate a source.
  • Sourcing Mushrooms or Wholesale Mushrooms for Culinary Use or for Retail - Need a specific type? We can often help. No charge if we cannot help you locate them.
  • Starting a Mushroom Growing Business - All areas of startup are covered. As experienced Small Business Consultants, we'll bring our 15 years of experience to your table, and help you get started on a solid footing.
  • Mushroom Market Analysis and Product Development Assistance - Need to know what pays best, which mushrooms people are looking for most this year? Our unique set of websites provides us with in-depth information on what is hot, and where the real money is in the mushroom business.

Consulting service details and pricing is available on our Farm Consulting Website.

Custom Mushroom Ordering

Don't see what you want? Ask us about Custom Ordering.

We often can GET spawn for mushrooms we do not have. We can also DEVELOP kits for mushrooms we are not currently stocking.

Custom sourcing or developing may be MORE COSTLY than our regular products. This is because getting usable spawn the first time, and developing a successful growing protocol in a hurry, is more expensive than handing you a bit from something we already have. We won't sell it if we don't know enough about it to properly instruct you in successfully growing it.

We generally do not pass on all costs to you - only those necessary to enable us to actually accomplish the development sooner than we otherwise would have.

Turnaround time on Custom Orders is a MINIMUM of Two Weeks, and may take as long as Two or Three Months, depending on the item required. Payment IS DUE IN ADVANCE. Items requiring longer development may be broken into multiple payments, with progress reports due at specific intervals from us, so you know the progress we are making.

Availability of many mushrooms is very seasonal. We may only be able to get them during certain times of the year.

If you don't see what you need, drop us a line and see if we can source it or develop it for you.

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Mushrooms may cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Some mushrooms are more likely to do this than others. Please research possible reactions prior to purchase. We are not responsible for how you choose to use our products, and do not claim that mushrooms are completely safe to consume. We merely assure that they are as represented on our website.

We do not make any claims as to the efficacy of any mushroom product to treat or prevent any disease or condition. We are not medical professionals and will not provide advice on alternative medicine use for any product that we sell. Please consult a doctor or alternative practitioner prior to using any mushroom product for treatment of any disease or illness.

We cannot guarantee that any spawn, spore, or kit product will grow or produce mushrooms. We do guarantee that our products are as described, and that the methods in our instructions do produce good results, but once our products leave our facility, we can no longer control the factors which are responsible for success. Gardening of any kind is a chancy business, and success depends upon adherence to instructions, and may be influenced by weather, environmental factors, and other controllable and non-controllable factors. As such, we cannot guarantee your success, and advise that if you are uncomfortable with purchasing under these terms, that you refrain from purchase.

We do promise to answer your questions, and offer reasonable assistance if needed, and to correct any errors if a mistake is made on our part.

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