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Mushrooms Right from Your Farm

Mushroom Spawn For Rare and Unusual Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms

C'mon over to our farm, to grow rare and hard to find mushrooms, and a full assortment of old favorites.


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A listing of mushroom spawn types that are available for purchase on request. Includes The Prince, Rocky Mountain Red Kings, White Blewit, Imperial Cat, Little Shiitake, Wild Enoki, Apricot Amanita, Barrows Bolete, Yellow Coral, Giant Sawgill, Forest Lamb, Fried Chicken, Dryad's Saddle, Bicolor Bolete and Mini Milky Mushroom, as well as many more. More than 45 additional species.

Growing and Profiting From Mushrooms
Books and Instructions

Gourmet Dried Mushroom Spawn DIY Kits to Grow Indoors
King Trumpet, Maitake, Turkey Tail, Portobello, Wine Cap, Oyster, Meadow Mushroom, and More

Gourmet Dried Mushroom Spawn DIY Kits for Small Areas and Container Gardens
Small Agaricus Mushrooms, Wine Cap, Freckled Dapperling, Mica Cap, and more

Gourmet Dried Mushroom Spawn DIY Kits for No-Till Gardens and Compost Piles
Jumbo Meadow Mushroom, Shaggy Mane, Wine Cap, Freckled Dapperling, Portobellos, and More

Gourmet Dried Mushroom Spawn DIY Kits for Lawns (or Fields) and Landscaping
Fairy Ring, Puffballs, Blewit, Mini Almond Agaricus, Morels, Hedgehog, Hawks Wing, and More

Gourmet Dried Mushroom Spawn Kits to Grow on Logs or in Sawdust Outdoors (or in Greenhouses)
Shiitake, Angel Wing, Maitake, King Trumpet, Oysters, Brown Beech, and More

Gourmet Dried Mushroom Spawn DIY Kits for Woodlots and Forests
Agaricus Subrutilescens, Puffballs, Angel Wings, Pine Mulch, Blewit, Russulas, and More

Gourmet Mychorrhizal Mushroom Dried Spawn DIY Kits
Chanterelle, Porcini (King Bolete), Hedgehog, Matsutake, Black Trumpet, and More

Dried Morel Mushroom Kits
Blonde Morel, Black Morel

Dried Truffle Spawn Kits
Oregon White, Oregon Black

Last Year's Spawn

Medicinal Mushroom Dried Spawn Kits
Cortinarius Balteatus, Maitake, Turkey Tail

I used to hate mushrooms. They felt slimy, and tasted musty. I never had a mushroom that I liked until I was in my late 40s. Growing your own makes a huge difference both in quality, and in availability of varieties that actually taste good.

Why settle for factory farmed mushrooms when you can have naturally grown mushrooms, produced without chemicals or unsustainable practices?  Grow your own and you just might find yourself liking mushrooms that you never thought you would enjoy.

Choose from favorites like Shiitake and Blue Oyster, or harder to find mushrooms like Blewit and rare Agaricus species. We have delicacies like Porcini, Russulas, Chanterelles, and Morels. We even have a few hidden goodies that nobody else has, including instructions to grow things you've been told you can't grow!

Instructional Materials for growing and profiting from a mushroom business are also available. Written by a 12 year veteran of the Web Development and Small Business Startup Consulting Arena.

About Us

Firelight Heritage Farm is built on the reputation for quality products and services that has been established by Kevin and Laura Wheeler, in their many years of business ownership.

As a family farm, Kevin and Laura raise animals, garden, forage crops, and mushrooms. They believe in keeping things clean and natural. Clean means, no artificial chemicals. They raise their products in the most natural way possible, and when they grow things inside, they mimic nature, rather than trying to produce good food in a clinical environment.

Kevin and Laura have long been committed to not only learning how to do things well, but to sharing what they learn - even sharing their own innovations (which have been considerable), to help others succeed. We aren't afraid of competition! We're not afraid to teach potential competitors how to do a thing well. In fact, we'd rather help you learn how to grow your own mushrooms, or even sell them, than to just sell you dried mushrooms! Every family that survives a little better because of us makes us feel like we've contributed something valuable to the world.

You may be sure that your mushroom products have been handled with care, inspected personally by Kevin or Laura, and that they are exactly as they are described to be. Because we won't sell you anything that we would not use ourselves.

From our family, to your family.

Terms of Sale

We require that all buyers agree to our terms of sale in order to complete the purchase process. We want you to have the maximum freedom to use anything you buy from us to help make your life better in appropriate ways, and as such, have minimized the restrictions on our products as much as we possibly can.

You agree to use any products purchased in a legal manner, consistent with the laws and regulations for the area(s) in which you reside, or do business.

You agree to abide by our copyrights on all printed materials which may be included with your purchase, including the contents of this website. You may not reprint or quote from our instructional manuals without express written permission from us. If you quote from our website, you may quote no more than two paragraphs from any given web page, and use of our text requires a live link giving credit for the quote at the end of the quote.

You MAY propagate, expand, share, trade, and sell any living mushroom products produced from any products which we sell to you. You may create kits or spawn from kits or spawn that we sell to you, you may sell mushrooms grown from kits that we sell to you. You are not restricted to personal use, you MAY use them commercially.

You may NOT reprint our instructional manuals. You may order editable, brandable instructional manuals from us for use with your customers.

All products purchased are used AT YOUR OWN RISK. We make no warranties as to the safety of any mushroom, nor do we make any kind of guarantee that our instructions will work for you, because mushroom culture is a living process that is prone to influence from too many outside factors which are beyond our control - we cannot guarantee what we cannot control.

We guarantee only that products on our website are as described by us. We make no further warranty or guarantee for suitability for any purpose.

In the event that any product is not as described, it should be reported to us within 5 days of receipt of order.

We ship all products with delivery confirmation.


Some orders are made on demand, and will ship generally within 1 week of receipt of order. Items that are already prepared will ship within 48 hours of receipt of order (not counting weekends or holidays). We do our best to get your order assembled and out to you in a timely manner.

Large orders may require additional preparation time.

We normally ship via UPS or USPS, depending on the cost for the individual order, and the destination address. We ship FedEx for special handling orders.

Some products are sensitive to extreme temperatures during transit. These items are noted in the product descriptions. It is your responsibility to ensure that the package is left in a safe spot when it is dropped off, so that it does not sit in the sun, or freeze in the cold after delivery.

If you select an insulated shipping option, we will package your item in a box with a layer of insulation material between the product and the box. We will also take special effort to make sure that the package spends minimal time in transit - hand-delivering it to the shipping office at the end of the day so it goes right out on the truck when possible.

We make every effort to package your products in a way that keeps them stable and secure in transit.

If you have questions about your order, you can call or email us and we'll be happy to answer.

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Mushrooms may cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Some mushrooms are more likely to do this than others. Please research possible reactions prior to purchase. We are not responsible for how you choose to use our products, and do not claim that mushrooms are completely safe to consume. We merely assure that they are as represented on our website.

We do not make any claims as to the efficacy of any mushroom product to treat or prevent any disease or condition. We are not medical professionals and will not provide advice on alternative medicine use for any product that we sell. Please consult a doctor or alternative practitioner prior to using any mushroom product for treatment of any disease or illness.

We cannot guarantee that any spawn, spore, or kit product will grow or produce mushrooms. We do guarantee that our products are as described, and that the methods in our instructions do produce good results, but once our products leave our facility, we can no longer control the factors which are responsible for success. Gardening of any kind is a chancy business, and success depends upon adherence to instructions, and may be influenced by weather, environmental factors, and other controllable and non-controllable factors. As such, we cannot guarantee your success, and advise that if you are uncomfortable with purchasing under these terms, that you refrain from purchase.

We do promise to answer your questions, and offer reasonable assistance if needed, and to correct any errors if a mistake is made on our part.

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