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Ruddy Panus

Lentinus strigosus

A purply pink or mauve colored fuzzy funnel mushroom with a curled cap edge, Ruddy Panus is edible, though not considered choice.

Caps can be tiny, only an inch across or less when young, or may be several inches across when mature.

The mushroom grows on dead wood, and may be found in the spring.

We carry Ruddy Panus spawn in our Mushroom Store.

Slippery Jacks

Suillus luteusSuillus brevipes
Suillus albivelatus
And a bunch more - a wide range of edibles within this genus

Known as Slippery Jacks for the sticky cap that graces the top of many Suillus species, Slippery Jacks are sometimes known as Poor Man's Boletes, and are scorned by some mushroom hunters, and avidly collected by others. Colors vary due to the wide variety of species, and some of the edibles look anything BUT edible.

They taste ok, as far as mushrooms go, similar to King Boletes but not as strong in flavor. What is difficult about them is the preparation and clean-up. You have to peel off the sticky cap on them before you cook them. That sticky cap also means that you get a LOT of garbage in the cap - needles, leaves, grass, dirt, etc. In moist climates, they can get really littered. In dry climates, the cap may be dry to the touch and have only a little debris stuck to it.

Slippery Jacks tend to be easier to find than true Boletes, they seem to be a little less picky about their growing conditions, and will often establish in a forest sooner than other boletes. You may find them on younger stands of timber.

We carry Suillus luteus spawn for naturalization in our Mushroom Store.

Milky Mushroom

Calocybe indica

A very large tropical mushroom that is cultivated commercially in Asia. Also called "swetha" (pronounced "schwaytha").

Described as a good tasting mushroom (but I would not know, even if I tried them, because I don't care for mushrooms that often), but with an odd somewhat bitter aftertaste. This can reportedly be removed by blanching the mushrooms for 2 minutes prior to preparing them.

The young mushrooms have a distinctive shape, with a large swollen stem and a teeny cap perched on top. The cap then grows and produces a mushroom with a vase shaped stem, and a large broad cap. It is one of the largest edible mushrooms (but not THE largest).

St. George's Mushroom

Calocybe gambosa

Named for the time of year when this mushroom is often found in the UK, St. George's Mushroom is reputed to grow throughout most of the northern hemisphere.

A choice edible, it is collected avidly in many countries around the world, and is recognized not only by the appearance, but by a distinctive mealy smell.

It is less recognized in the US, and collected less here than in other areas.

Giant Sawgill

Neolentinus ponderosus

A large and lovely mushroom which grows in clusters at the base of Ponderosa and a few other types of Pine. It develops a feathery pattern on the cap, which may turn orangish as it dries, and it may bruise ochre or even orange in color as it ages. The gills are white, but also darken to ochre or orange with age. Spores are white.

Giant Sawgill is a good edible, and can be neuroregenerative - this means that it can really help with conditions such as MS, and with spinal or brain injuries, but it also means it should NOT be used continuously, and should probably be avoided by people with neural tumors.

Eating it is sort of like eating very slippery Calamari - the texture is firm and somewhat rubbery. The flavor is mild - so mild that it tends to absorb the flavor of whatever it is cooked with, though it does have a slightly sweet flavor that comes through. It is a large and meaty mushroom.

Giant Sawgill is well named, it can be 12" across when fully unfurled. We have only ever found them with partially open caps, and those were 6-7" across. The cap is thick, and the stems are broad, so you get a lot of food from a single mushroom.

Giant Sawgill freezes better than it dries, though you can use either one for preserving as food. To preserve for medicinal uses, freezing is preferable.

We sell Giant Sawgill spawn in our Mushroom Store, we do NOT carry this as a medicinal or food item.

Field Blewits

Lepista personataLepista tarda
Some other Lepista varieties may be referred to as Blewits

Also known as "Blue Leg" in Europe, Blewits are considered choice mushrooms, and they are a common mushroom in landscaping, fields, forest glades, and other areas. Field blewits generally appear in grass or landscaping.

Some Blewits are the current victims of taxonomic shift, so the Latin names for these may be inconsistent.

One of the easier mushrooms to naturalize, some types of Blewits have been grown in containment for commercial sale.

We sell spawn for Lepista personata in our Mushroom Store.

Lactarius Mushrooms

So many we cannot list them all.

Lactarius is a genus of mushrooms much like Russulas (in fact they are very similar), in that there are a gazillion of them, and IDing to species can often be very difficult since there are so many that are similar.

Edibility is generally determined by taste, the same as with Russulas.

Lactarius mushrooms will generally "bleed" when cut or broken, which is the key identifier - at least in humid climates. In dry climates, some Lactarius mushrooms merely stain a little within a hour or two of being cut or broken, but end up too dry to actually bleed.

They are a mycorrhizal mushroom, which is symbiotic with specific types of trees - at least, that is the common information, though we have only ever found them growing under or near fallen logs (perhaps because the moisture concentrates there, or because there is more fertile compost to supplement the sap from the trees they partner with).

Lactarius mushrooms may be very colorful, to the point of being artificial looking, and the colors may be very interesting.

We sell Lactarius delicious spawn for naturalization in our Mushroom Store.

Angel Wings

Pleurocybella porrigens

This longstanding edible mushroom has been much maligned in recent years, due to a disaster that occurred in Japan, where a number of people with kidney disease sat down to a meal together, and ate a repast which featured Angel Wing mushrooms. A number of the people who ate the meal died in the ensuing days - though it has never been shown that the mushrooms were the cause of the deaths (the mushrooms were not the only food that the victims had in common). Because of this, many people have shied away from eating this mushroom, in spite of the opinion of many experts that the mushroom is generally safe, as much as any other mushroom.

We eat this mushroom. It has never harmed us.

Angel Wings are distinctly different than Pleurotus Oyster mushrooms. Though both are referred to as Oysters, Angel Wings are a different genus than other Oysters. They do not attach to the logs or stumps they grow on with a stem - instead, the side of the mushroom attaches in a semi-circle to the wood, and the mushroom grows UPward, instead of OUTward. It is also thinner, and rufflier than a Pleurotus Oyster mushroom.

They dry very well, and reconstitute easily. Medicinal uses for this mushroom have not been well documented.

We carry Angel Wings spawn in our Mushroom Store.

Yellow Shaggy

Floccularia luteovirens

Once classed as an Armillaria, the common name for this mushroom has formerly been Yellow Armillaria, but it is misnamed, and is now sometimes called the Yellow Shaggy. It is covered in yellow fibrils, giving it a rather bedraggled appearance. The yellow color may be very bright.

This edible mushroom is mycorrhizal with hardwoods, and appears in the late summer to fall. It grows in groups, often just a few at a time.

It is not a commonly known edible, but is a good one, and has some medicinal benefit that has not been well documented.

We carry Yellow Shaggy spawn in our Mushroom Store.

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