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We have a wide range of new mushroom spawn types that are available, but which do not have full descriptions or images.

This list of mushroom spawn types is AVAILABLE ON REQUEST (we will invoice you through PayPal), just email us and tell us what you'd like.


Cortinarius zinziberatus (Copper Cort - medicinal, mitochondrial balancer, must be cooked well and used sparingly for medicinal purposes only) $185 Mycorrhizal. Rocky Ridge strain.

Paxillus involutus (Pungent Funnel - use sparingly has strong flavor, cook well or pressure cook, edible when properly cooked, medicinal properties) $55 This mushroom was safely consumed for generations, and enjoyed when properly cooked. It can cause severe illness when undercooked. It was traditionally parboiled, with the water discarded, and then it was re-cooked in whatever dish it was used in. It was typically used in soups or sauces, and not as an entree itself. Rocky Ridge strain.

Paxillus vernalis (Summer Funnel - use sparingly, cook well or lightly pressure cook, edible when properly cooked, medicinal properties) $55 This mushroom was safely consumed for generations, and enjoyed when properly cooked. There is dispute as to whether it can cause severe illness when undercooked - all documented cases of illness from Paxillus mushrooms were Paxillus involutus. It was traditionally parboiled or soaked in warm water with a little salt for a few hours, with the water discarded, and then it was cooked in whatever dish it was used in. It was typically used in soups or sauces, and not as an entree itself. This is a large and meaty mushroom that grows profusely when well established. Aspen Woods strain.

Polyporus melanopus (Freckled Funnel - pressure cook, chop fine or grind) $65 Good mushroom to grind for seasoning. Rocky Ridge strain.

Catathelasma imperiale (Imperial Cat - cook well) $395 (rare) Excellent mushroom when cooked well, this rare and lovely mushroom is available nowhere else! Boulder Bench strain.

Leccinum scabrum (Birch bolete) $75 Mycorrhizal. Boulder Bench strain.

Lentinus tigrinus (Little Shiitake) $195 MISIDENTIFIED IN GUIDE BOOKS - This is a CHOICE, and CULTIVATABLE mushroom (if you have spore cultivation skills) (Also called Neolentinus tigrinus. We went with the older name for this - there is a lot of confusion between this and the Train Wrecker (neolentinus lepideus), but this is undoubtedly a Little Shiitake mushroom). This mushroom is traditionally named "Little Shiitake" for its similarity to Shiitake mushrooms. Lentinus tigrinus is a Shiitake type mushroom that is more delicate, a little smaller and thinner in the cap, and a brown-gray, to bronzy silver color with a varying amount of scales around the edges - the dryer it is, the whiter and more scaly and broken the cap will appear - and with a white, lightly flocculous stipe. The cap edge and gills are folded in the same manner as a Shiitake when the cap is not fully unfurled.) Grows under mixed forest, in thick duff. Boulder Bench strain.


Lentinus strigosus (Ruddy Panus) $65 Eastern Logjam strain.

Neolentinus ponderosus (Giant Sawgill) $189 Neuroregenerative (must be used sparingly if used medicinally), grows on pines. A very large and meaty mushroom, and a good edible. Pine Glades strain.

Boletus rubriceps (Rocky Mountain Red King, cook well) $85 Mycorrhizal. (This species is a delicious edible, it dries and cans VERY well. The cap is very red (brick to burgundy) with a distinct tan to yellow margin (about 1/4" wide). Stipe is full, and finely to deeply reticulated, and occasionally has a little reddish blush. Pores are tan to olive brown (darker with age), and the pore surface on younger specimens WILL very slowly AGE to a pinkish red color after the mushroom is picked. It is NOT a rapid red stainer, and we have eaten it many times. Cook well, and there is no risk with this one (aside from allergies, which are an issue with all mushrooms for SOME people). Fine Porcini flavor, grows under pines. Boulder Bench strain.

Boletus auripes (Butter Bolete) $195 Mycorrhizal. (Very limited quantities) Rocky Ridge strain.

Boletus barrowsii (White King) $225 Mycorrhizal. (Limited quantities) A choice bolete mushroom, found under aspen trees in the Rocky Mountains. Boulder Bench strain.

Boletus bicolor (Bicolor Bolete) $135 Mycorrhizal. Pacific Forest strain.

Tricholoma muricatum (Grubby Knight - cook well at high heat) $65 Mycorrhizal. Rocky Ridge strain.

Flammulina populicola (Aspen Enoki - cook lightly) $195CHOICE and CULTIVATABLE by anyone who can cultivate from spores. Edible cousin to Enoki, pale yellow cap, with a white to yellow stipe. Grows under deciduous trees. Aspen Woods strain.

Flammulina velutipes (Velvet Foot, Wild variety) $155 CHOICE and CULTIVATABLE by anyone who can cultivate from spores. This is Enoki, in the wild variety. Sticky yellow/tan cap, with a distinct velvety appearing stipe which is dark brown to black at the base, and fades to tan/yellow at the top. White gills and spores. Grows on deciduous wood, and found on the ground around old stumps, but can grow quite high up in dead trees. Aspen Woods strain.

Pholiota multifolia (Orange Folly - pressure cook) $125 Limited quantities. Aspen Woods strain.

Pholiota adiposa (Fatty Pholiota - cook well) $95 Grows well on most deciduous trees. Aspen Woods strain.

Clitocybe gibba (Common Funnel, same species as Lepista flaccida, Lepista inversa, Lepista subalpina, cook well) $85 Grows profusely, on rotted wood, often buried. This is kind of small mushroom, but fruits prolifically, so you can usually get enough to do something with. Boulder Bench strain.

Leucocoprinus cepistipes (Fairy Parasol, cook well, avoid alcohol) $85 Boulder Bench strain.

Coprinopsis atramentaria (Tippler's Bane) $80 This one DOES have Coprine in it. Avoid alcohol. Rabbit Valley strain.


Lepista irina (White Blewit, must be cooked) $155 CHOICE and CULTIVATABLE by anyone who can cultivate from spores. Light fruity smell, all white mushroom. Aspen Woods strain.

Lepista persici (Peach Blewit, must be cooked) $295 CHOICE and CULTIVATABLE by anyone who can cultivate from spores. Lovely peach colored mushroom with a distinctively Blewity shape. This is NOT a faded Clitocybe nuda (gradient pink or mauve, or faded tan), it is very different in coloration. Thick cap with a thicker umbo, in rolled cap edge, and Blewity feel. Peach colored gills that have pinkish spores, and the entire mushroom, cap, gills and stipe, is a distinctive peach color without any gradation in color. It stains the color of orange sherbet, and smells faintly of orange juice. (Differentiate from Lepista (Clitocybe) nuda, by the following features - cap, flesh, stipe, gills, are all the same color, whereas L. nuda has cap cuticle color that is different than cap flesh color, and gills are same color as cap. L. persici has no other color on the stipe where L. nuda does, and L. nuda does not stain, L. persici does (the entire mushroom will bruise orange). Color of L. persici is also distinctively a peach color - there is no other name for it, it is not pink, tan, mauve, beige, brown, lilac, or any other shade, it is the perfect light pinky orange color defined by Mr. Crayola as PEACH! Cap has a slightly higher umbo, and thicker flesh under the umbo than L. nuda, and is more like L. irina in shape. I have found L. nuda, L. irina, and L. persici in different places in the hills within 50 miles of our home.) Aspen Woods strain.

Lepista personata (Field Blewit) $89 CHOICE and CULTIVATABLE by anyone who can cultivate from spores. Mr. T strain.

Hypholoma lateritium (Brick Top, cook well) $145 Boulder Bench strain.

Amanita aprica (Cook well after 1 parboil) $175 Mycorrhizal. Rocky Ridge strain.

Amanita muscaria (Parboil 15 minutes in LOT of water, drain, parboil again 5 minutes and discard water again, fry in butter) $185 Mycorrhizal. Found growing under conifers, but reputedly not picky. This mushroom is used by stupid people who think you can use it to get high without suffering nasty side effects. You can't. Ever. Really. Ok, go ahead and try it if you don't mind vomiting and bleeding from your bowels. The toxin that makes you stomach crampingly sick usually won't kill you (though it can), but it always makes you sick enough that you wish it had! You just cannot get enough of the hallucinogenic compounds into you without also taking a massive load of the stuff that makes you vomit and groan and writhe in pain - because the thing that gets you high is the very thing that makes you sick! And it will make you sick BEFORE it gets you high! So don't bother! Instead, parboil the sucker, and fry it in butter. In spite of recent controversy (based on contemporary information, not on traditional and historic information), this mushroom HAS been consumed safely as an edible (especially during hard times) by peoples around the world, for millenia. We have just forgotten that some mushrooms need to be parboiled prior to cooking them in your recipe. This mushroom fruits gregariously once established, and the mushrooms can get quite large, with buttons that are 2-4" across. Boulder Bench strain.

Suillus pseudobrevipe (Orange Suillus) $75 Mycorrhizal. Rocky Ridge strain.

Suillus americanus (Chicken Fat Suillus) $105 Mycorrhizal. Yellow cap with red streaks and dots around the edges. This mushroom does not need peeled prior to consumption, but does need to be cooked. This is a slower staining strain, it is likely that it crossed with Suillus luteus (both are edible). Grows under pines in thick needle duff. Pine Glades strain.

Hygrophorus Pudorinus - (Tan Waxy Cap, cook well) $45 River Refuge strain.

Pluteus petasatus - (A white to buff pluteus, must be cooked) $65 Rabbit Valley strain.

Pluteus admirabilis - (Yellow Pluteus, must be cooked) $95 Bright yellow pluteus species that has neuroregenerative medicinal benefits, as well as being considered to be a good edible. Found under aspens. Boulder Bench strain.

Pluteus cervinus - Classic Deer Mushroom $95 (Limited quantities) Brown mushroom with wrinkled umbo, and pink gills, this mushroom is unmistakeable once you've held it in your hands. Loves dead wood in the shade. Boulder Bench strain.

Agaricus augustus - The Prince $120 Classically lovely almond smell, this large agaricus mushroom is prized for both size and usefulness. Boulder Bench strain.

Agaricus smithii - The Princess $85 Intense almond smell when fresh, this is the cousin to the Prince, and is somewhat smaller in size, with the same cap color. Boulder Bench strain.

Agaricus bernardii - Salt Loving Agaricus $95 White button mushroom that grows well in alkaline soils. Pine Glades strain.

Agaricus abolutescens - Conifer Button $55 White button mushroom that grows well under conifers. Rocky Ridge strain.

Calocybe indica var. dixie - Mini Milky $195 CULTIVATABLE MUSHROOM for anyone who can cultivate from spores. Smaller variety of the large tropical mushroom Calocybe Indica, which is known as the Milky Mushroom. Tropical specimens are massive, this strain is smaller, and grows in cooler climates. Discovered in the Dixie National Forest, it is always small specimens, because the deer eat it before it gets very large. It grows under pines in deep needle litter. Pine Glades strain.

Ramaria aurea (Yellow Coral) $45 Compact branching coral mushroom that ranges in color from tan to ochre to bright yellow, depending on environment. Grows under most forests. Boulder Bench strain.

Cerioporus squamosus (Polyporus squamosus, Dryad's Saddle) $59 Mr. T strain.

Ganoderma resinaceum (Resinous Reishi) $75 Used as an alternate for Reishi medicinally. Aspen Glade strain.

Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) $30 Rocky Ridge strain.

Lyophyllum decastes (Fried Chicken Mushroom) $175 Pine Glades strain

Lyophyllum loricatum (Fried Chicken Mushroom) $140 Pine Glades strain

Albatrellus ovinus (Forest Lamb Mushroom) $235 Cooked well, this is a well appreciated culinary mushroom in some parts of the world. Aspen Woods strain.

Armillaria Tabescens (Honey Mushrooms) $135 Cook well. Some species of Armillaria are considered to be parasitic, but are generally found on trees that are in the process of dying, so it is kinda a chicken and egg issue. Original specimens harvested from Aspen stumps, long dead. Aspen Woods strain.

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